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Agente de brillo óptico 220

Información básica

Modelo: optical brightener

Descripción del producto

Abrillantador óptico BBU Agente blanqueador fluorescente para pulpa de papel OBA220
OF009  Optical Brightening agent / Optical Brightener BBU   C.I.220
 Optical Brightener BBU   C.I. 220 C.I.  220 CAS 16470-24-9
Structure: Stilbene derivative Moisture: 5%max
Appearance: Light yellow uniform powder Shade:Similar to standard
Strength: 100±3% Whiteness: >-3.0  
Fineness(180um residue): 10%max Ionic character: Cationic 
Application Use in pulp brightening, surface sizing and coating, etc, Can also be used to brighten cotton,T/C blends,fiax, polyamide fibers,and light-color textiles.
Porperty 1.Cationic distyrene fluorescent brightener, with medium solubility in water and purplish blue fluoresoence.
2.With strong fluorescence and excellent whiteness 
3.Good compatible with paper bleaching, suitable for brighten cotton.
Precaution The information of our products is for reference only. We are not responsible for any unexpected results or patent dispute caused by it.

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